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Quilters Select Appli Stick 1"
Sku #:8-44050-09764-7
Quilters Select Appli Stick 1" Price: $6.99 
Quilters Select Appli-Stick 2 Rolls - Size 1" x 10 yards Pressure Sensitive - Fusible Webbing for Flawless & Re-positionable Applique This very unique web was created especially for simplifying the applique process. One side of the web has a fusible coating and will go against the backside of your applique material-the other side has a light sticky coating making the applique re-positionable! Position your applique pieces as many times as you need-once positioned, fuse into place and add your favorite decorative stitch! Use the tape size version for quilt bindings or decorative trims and he convenient printable sheets makes complex applique patterns a snap when you print them from your computer or printer!

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